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Promotional Video for Tennesse Chiropractors Association

The Tennessee Chiropractors Association chose Trusted Voice & Video to produce this promotional piece for use on their website and social media.

Celebrate Wellness – UVCA – Chiropractic Health Week in Virginia

The Virginia House of Delegates, the Senate Concurring, declares the first week in October “Chiropractic Health Week.” Make EVERY day an opportunity to live, well, with chiropractic care.

60-Second SHIP Promotion: Running Etiquette

In this 60-second video by Trusted Voice, kids learn good running etiquette as part of the  School Health Initiative Program to encourage physical fitness.

30-Second SHIP Promotion: Running Is Fun!

The School Health Initiative Program encourages physical fitness. In this 30-second video by Trusted Voice, kids agree that running is fun!