Here’s what our customers say about us:

I want to thank you for the exceptional job you did on the “UVCA Badges of Honor” video. I just saw it for the first time Friday. It was top notch, very professional and I believe truly captured the story. You should feel good about your hard work on that project. I really appreciate your effort in this endeavor and I was very pleased with the end product.  I could tell you really put your heart into this project and like I stated before really captured it, which is a hard thing to do.
– Dr. Michael Scott Payton

In selecting a vendor for our video project, we knew we needed a partner we could rely on.  Trusted Voice & Video was the right choice.  They were highly responsive, dedicated, thorough, communicative, and reliable.  Trusted Voice is definitely a subject matter expert in this industry.  I would recommend their services for any business or non-profit who needs their project, from storyboarding to execution, done right and on time.

–Dianne L. Mallory, Senior Refugee Program Consultant, Virginia Office of Newcomer Services

Thank you for that fantastic voicemail message. It really helps to support CrossShore’s professional image. A smooth transaction and prompt delivery!
–Marco Cevat, CEO, CrossShore, Zeist (The Netherlands)

Both versions (of our infomercial) sound absolutely great!! They are real professional and inspiring… congratulations on a great job.
–Raul Gonzalez, CEO, El Carrizal Group (Panama City/Mexico/USA)

My system is now working and sounds fantastic. We were simply missing the right connector to our phone system and your tech support was great. It amazes me how simple and affordable everything was!
–Dr. Martine DeCambre, Braces for Us, Inc. (Port St. Lucie, FL)

The recording came out fantastic, and the service was excellent. It’s amazing how many businesses don’t take advantage of resources like this. It contributes to an image of professionalism and quality, the image I seek to project. Thanks again..
–Vincent A. Primavera, Primaveranet (Roslindale, MA)

In one word, I would say ‘MAGNIFICENT!’ It was MORE than worth it for the price. I would have paid triple the price for the value I have gotten. It has taken my business to the next level as far as excellence and professionalism are concerned. All I can say is, OUTSTANDING customer and client response on our new voicemail. If you don’t already have a system like this… you’re missing out on having the best voice in the nation working for you.
–Vincent J. McNally, President, McNally Professional Services,
Serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware

Thank you for helping MAD HOPS with that FANTASTIC voice message – I must admit that I’ve been calling our number repeatedly just to hear the voice message again and again. Quite frankly, after listening to it, I’m ready to purchase my OWN products!
–Herb Baldwin, Jr., C.E.O. of MadHops, Ltd./madhops.com

Just wanted to throw my full support and endorsement behind Trusted Voice & Video headed by Daniel Shaye, D.C. When calling and speaking each day to many chiropractors I have the opportunity to listen to their ‘recorded’ voicemail messages. Perception is reality, and professional image begins with what one hears at your end when nobody ‘live’ is there to answer.

Trusted Voice, LLC provides the most elegant, professional voicemail recording services and I urge all my colleagues to check them out. I did, and my business and cell phone custom recordings are incredible.
–Sigmund Miller, DC, Executive Director, Association of New Jersey Chiropractors
(ANJC) & founder of both ChiropracticGateway.com and HealthyPractices.com

What caught our attention on your website is the sample phone messages that doctors actually have in their offices (the bad ones) –it sounded just like ours (before we hired Trusted Voice & Video)—mundane and one foot away from death.
–David Feschuk, D.C., Atlanta, Georgia

The voicemail you did for us is great! It adds a greater level of professionalism, compared to what I had before, which was simply my voice. With just my voice, it seemed like we were a “home office” and having YOU do it has made a world of difference! Thanks!”
–Eddie David, President of Educational Point, Charlotte, NC

We have had LOTS of positive feedback from patients on how good our voicemail sounds. Using Trusted Voice for our voicemail gives our practice a more professional image.
We have received many comments from patients that they have ‘learned SO MUCH’ while on-hold and one patient actually requested to be put BACK on-hold to learn more! Everything sounds great, I love it!

–Jennifer Vollrath-Grosam, BS, DC, FICPA, Green Bay, Wisconsin

I am always trying to find effective ways of educating my patients and your product is a perfect fit. I have already recommended your product and will continue to do so.
–Dr. Mike Mills, Kittanning, PA

Trusted Voice & Video is a Virginia-based company that is rapidly becoming ‘the voice of chiropractic’ in North America, powering practice growth with world-class voice talent.
–Gary Cuneo, former ACA Executive Vice President

Thank you so much for the work provided. It is a first class operation bar none. I appreciate your professionalism and promptness. Those are two attributes which one is hard pressed to find while engaging in business, but set you apart from the rest. I would wish you good luck in your endeavors but you do not need it given your standards of quality.
–Kevin Brenner, Owner, Fusion Werks Welding and Fabrication, Oahu, HI

Excellent! Very professional and it works for my office.
–James Padilla, DC, San Diego, California

The voice mail you did for us is absolutely fantastic! We love it! The message is great! Thanks again for all your help.
–Jon Parmiter, DC, CCSP, Norfolk, Virginia

Once you listen to these demos at Trusted Voice & Video, you will never record your own answering machine or voicemail messages again.
–Chris Cordima, D.C., as quoted in Personal Injury Marketing Secrets Revealed Report, 1st Edition

I cant wait to get these voice files recorded into my auto attendant! The turn around time was indeed phenomenal.
–Dr. Brad Pike, Redding, California

We are pleased and thankful for your product and service.
–Dr. Ted Barrows, Hugoton, KS

I just had to say thank you for the voicemail message. It is phenomenal!!! Great service and quick turn around. I will definitely be doing more business with you in the future…..Thank You!!
–Dr. Ryan Hanson, Irvine, CA

The voicemail is very professional.
–Marina, JPD Systems, LLC, Fredericksburg, VA

The messages sound great and I am very satisfied with your service… I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.
–Susan B, Operations Director, Secured Finance& Investments, Inc. (Costa Mesa, CA)

The outgoing greeting that was done for our family of companies was absolutely fantastic. In a matter of a couple of hours I received an audio file in my inbox that now gives our family of companies the professional sound it deserves. You guys are GREAT.
–Brandon Thrasher, MBA Los Angeles

Thank you so much for introducing us to the Trusted Voice & Video system — it adds to the professionalism of our workplace, and the on-hold system informs people about our product’s key features, which saves us precious time. Trusted Voice is an essential tool for any business.
–Page Bishop, Editor, Williamsburg Health Journal & Hampton Roads Health Journal (Williamsburg, VA)

The new voice on our IVR is exceptional– we’re very pleased. Trusted Voice & Video was very responsive to our needs. They got us the perfect voice, and touched base with me when I didn’t have time to respond. The level of communication was fantastic, and the turn-around time was excellent. I’d definitely do business with them again.
–Asaf BenHaim, Director of Operations, iMatrix (San Diego, CA)

Thank you! It sounds GREAT. Kim is awesome! The service you provided was very fast… I will refer you to everyone I come in contact with.
–Ken Piersall, Positive Mortgage (VA)

Trusted Voice & Video is a great resource we use to connect with our members. This outstanding service enables us to keep those calling our office current on our events and activities, and more importantly, it encourages them to participate. It contributes to an image of professionalism and quality we seek to project.
–Robert W. Hershberger, CCE
Former Executive Vice President, Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance

We literally set it up in about 10 minutes. Very easy. The on-hold system provides a sophisticated audio image for the association.
–Amy Owsley
Programs Coordinator, Tennessee Chiropractic Association

Trusted Voice & Video has been a joy to work with, smoothly overcoming geographical and cultural barriers to provide first class audio, with exceptional service throughout. The confidence we have in the consistent high standards achieved by Trusted Voice is the basis for our strong relationship, putting you firmly at the top of the list when it comes to future projects. We look forward to the next one!
–Dr. Wu Xiaoru
Vice President, ANHUI USTC iFLYTEK Co., Ltd. (Hefei, China)

Trusted Voice & Video has been instrumental in advancing the cause of our Association through professionally produced presentations and by providing our members with innovative and informative copy. The Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association’s relationship with Trusted Voice & Video has been of great benefit to both our organization and our membership.
–William B. Ward, DC, CCSP
Past President, Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association

I would like to recommend Trusted Voice & Video and its products to all professionals who wish to create a special appeal.
–Dr. Bob Thatcher
St. Paul, MN

This is easily one of the best investments I’ve made in my practice. Thanks again for all you do.
–Dr. Michael Hanifen
Anchorage AK

Q: Dr. Busch, How have you educated the medical community in your area? (written by a chiropractor in Virginia)

A: I haven’t re-invented any wheel. My protocols are simple. I schedule a lunch meeting where I can either do a meet-and-greet or an in-service training… I then provide them with info on my clinic and info on how to schedule an appointment. I also give them a CD with the [Trusted Voice & Video written and produced] videos. I also provide them with peer reviewed research that substantiates our inclusion on the case management…
– Dr. Jeremy D. Busch
Front Royal, VA

Trusted Voice & Video provided efficient, effective and flexible service during the complete redesign of our phone menu. From project beginning to end they provided professional support and fast responses to every request. 1st Advantage looks forward to working with Trusted Voice in the future.
–Jim Craig, Vice President of Marketing, 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union
Newport News, VA